WCC was established on May 27, 2014, with paid-in capital NTD 2 million.


December, 2017
paid-in capital increased to NTD 41.32 million.
January, 2018
WCC moved into the current site inside the Science Park, Hsinchu.
May, 2019
paid-in capital increased to NTD 63.01 million.

Management Team

The management team led by Dr. Liu include 4 PhDs that have sound fundamental knowledge and practical experience and serval experienced managers in mass production and business administration.

Technical Team

Over 70% of the team members have advanced MS or PhD degrees in the areas such as biomaterials, medical engineering, rheology and precision coating.


Business Area

ODM : product design, manufacture

OEM : On the basis of buyers, specifications, produce and deliver products.

Core Technology

Polymer materials and processing, particularly precision coating technology.