Slot Die Coater and Coating Facility
Table-Top Slot Die Coater
A table-top coater designed for academic or small-scaled testings.

This table coater is designed for small-scaled testing. It is suitable for research on areas such as OLED, PLED, nano-silver wires, photoresist coating and so on.

  • Coating Method:slot coating, blade coating and so on.
  • Coating Width:between 50~250 mm, A4 sized substrate.
  • Platform Dimension:250 mm* 350 mm.
  • Platform Material:Ceremic type with suction for soft substrate and marble for hard substrate.
  • Substrate:PI, PET, PEN, Glass, ITO, wafer and so on.
  • Precision:thickness variation around ±1.5~3 %.
  • Coating Solution:OC photoresist、SU-8、PI、LED、OLED、Optical films、Transparent Conductive Films、Lithium batteries and so on (1~20,000 mPa-s ).
  • Advantages:high precision, minimum waste on solutions, high operation flexibility, single-person operation.