Slot Die Coater and Coating Facility
Precision Slot Die Coater
Designed for advanced coating products with high precision and flexibility for operati...

This coater is designed with flexibility to handle various advanced coating products. Different modules can be combined to meet product variations.

  • Coating Method:slot die and blade coating devices are available.
  • Coating Width:maximum coating width is 450 mm, but adjustable
  • Substrate: PI, PET, PEN, Glass, ITO, wafer and so on.
  • Precision:thickness variation around ±1.5~3 %
  • Coating Solution:OC photoresist、SU-8、PI、LED、OLED、Optical films、Transparent Conductive Films、Lithium batteries and so on (1~20,000 mPa-s )
  • Advantages:high precision, minimum waste on solutions, high operation flexibility, single-person operation.