Microneedle Patch


Microneedle Patch: A New Transdermal Drug Delivery System
MNP can serve as a novel platform for transdermal drug delivery (TDD). MNP is different from the conventional TDD i.e., there are hundreds of microneedles on the patch that can penetrate the skin to remove the resistance of the stratum corneum. Drugs can be delivered to the epidermis, dermis later for fast drugs diffusion into the vain. On the other hand, microneedles are short enough not to touch the nerve system. So the administration of MNP will not cause any painful feelings.

WCC has developed a unique MNP system; biopolymers and other materials (all FDA approved) are used to make MNP, production technology that contains at least 20 steps was developed for mass production. Currently WCC’s MNP technology is focused on the following four areas. WCC has developed the mass production capacity with at least 10,000 MNP per day, the yield is over 90%.